Wednesday, June 14, 2006

june bord gets bord

NLE result will probably be made known by the end of june...
its a good thing thou coz its one hell of a stress!!!

I couldn't believe that hellish exam when i took it!!!
That was intended to make professionals and sad to say the exam itself is not professionally made...

I wish to hear their (BON) answers... which they dont give away.

Now i know why they dont give away their answers... coz their answers would probably stir up the entire profession!!!

With so many typographical errors, grammatical n terminological errors, we should get a bonus! Plus i have to mention that the information they have is OBSOLETE!!! We're year 2006 and not 1998!!!

Also they should check the department of health site for updates... coz i noticed that the Mission of the DOH their using is the old one... yay!!! extinction!!!

If that exam was intended to strip off the number of doctors getting into nsg, they just CAN'T coz Reality Bites!!!

PCA is Patient Controlled Analgesia (not Analysis)
Vitamin K is not an infection

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

positive thinking

Not one of us can bring back yesterday or shape tomorrow, only today is ours and wont be ours for long, once its gone it wil never be ours again so i want to make the best of everyday. :)
I start my day thinking positive and the rest of the day becomes positive. Good formula!


Friday, June 09, 2006


its been like ages since ive last been here... :)

Last time i was worrying about exams, assignments n paper works in school.

Now im done with all those craft.

Im taking the Board Exam this Sunday and i cant believe ive been chatting most of the time than worrying over it. God help me! Now ive got my degree, i cant decide what to do next...