Sunday, December 24, 2006

Season of ySmiles

It’s Christmas and you’re feeling down
I’m gonna pass the smile around
It’s gonna bring me closer to you

One smile will take away your frown
One smile will turn your day around
This season, there’s no time to be blue

Don’t forget to wear a smile
You’ll never know who’s smiling back at you

Every time I see you
I hear there’s something that’ll make you smile
So kiss me if you want to
Don’t you worry if we’re apart
I hope this season
Will be a reason enough to make you smile

This Christmas, if you’re all alone
One smile will make you feel at home
I wanna bring you closer to me

One smile will make the season shine
This time, I wanna make you mine
I wanna spend this season with you

Every time I see you


Helping others is one of the best ways to spend christmas..
there are always good friends and family who would be there for thee to love and share all those happy experience

Loving words from people are the greatest gift i have received and the greatest gift i have given is touching people's lives and making a difference.

Even a simple smile is worth a thousand mile.

I thank all of thee for sharing those warm smiles.

i have learned that life is too short to cry over spilled milk..
the world doesnt stop.. my life would not stop either unless my heart cease to beat.

until my heart continues to beat, i will never cease to love!

Friday, December 08, 2006


November 21, 2006

i lurv forums. except this one forum which i wont be mentioning hehe...

i am banned for a couple of months because i asked the mod to share her sources. And since she can not rebutt my statements and can not link any evidence to her own arguments... all my posts had to be approved by them before it gets posted. how nice...
i didnt break any rules. i didnt use any foul words nor did i quoted anyone...
but i was banned... for what?! asking link and proving my points?! geez!
I asked them to point to me where i have violated the terms and conditions of the site.. and the reply was just... ur penalty will be augmented because u are arguing with the mod. one plus one.
it doesnt make sense at all. its supposed to be a place for discussion.... but i can't help meeting people with pea brains..

this is the web... u cant threaten anyone can do anything...

i can still create another account or change IP... hehe...

Subic R.ape Impression

"Smith obviously had no respect for Suzette because she didnt have any respect for herself. "

She has NO strings attached that night and its like she can go out with anyone she likes...
She can get herself drunk to the point of not even remembering her way home.

I cant blame some Marines and witnesses who thinks she's a prostitute
because that is the impression she is giving..
As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words...
They saw her sitting on his lap... caressing, hugging and kissing.. and drinking with them.
She just gave Smith the impression that she's game for anything...

She has given the ticket to the crime and he grabbed the chance.
So Both of them should answer for their acts


Since Smith is found guilty.. it is imperative that he face the decision of the court.

As for Nicole.. since she has plans of goin abroad...

she should be more cautious of her behavior next time she deals with strangers in a strange place..

coz she might send the wrong signals again.

She cant blame other people for scrutinizing her or Smith or the decision of the court because

this story has generated public interest.. But with this story, there is a lesson learned ♥

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Verdict: Subic R.ape

smith and nicole deserves a fair trial.

but i noticed that people were already condemning Smith and Nicole even before the verdict came out

Even if Smith is American, he still should go through due process of law to defend himself.

And whether Nicole is a prostitute or not, she still can be raped.

Smith was found guilty.. he should face the consequences of this trial...


as the saying goes:

seek and ye shall find..

go to some strange land

enter a bar

meet strangers

get yourself drunk

and the next time you know it,

you're lying on the floor

dizzy and weak

without any knowledge of what happened to you.

congratulations! ♥