Saturday, September 08, 2007

Excruciating Pleasure

Geez that test 3 was brain hemorrhaging...
others said it was test 5

Denial: shet! this cant be difficult!
arrgh! OR!
google search

We hit mcdo right after the last test and debated on all the possible answers. At least i know i can defend myself from the debilitating arguments for more than an hour. Although, Im still not sure about the diet issue of T and A. Nevertheless, there is the internet - my ever loyal source of information and updates. So i googled the answer to every question i can remember. A little satisfied with what i got yet i still wanted to get involve in an argument. Therese was silent... and Marti was irate. There wasnt anything to do but wait for the final answer.

The Waiting... the most dreaded part of my life. I hate waiting. Id rather come in late than wait. But now i have no choice. I have to wait. It doesnt make sense at all to me but im not in my right mind to make sense at all. Everyone had to wait for the result. And i found out that staying at home was a difficult task. But thanx to my comrades for the afternoon jogs, the sunset viewing, the badminton evenings and the night outs... it made my 2nd vacation colorful.

Back to school. I missed it unintentionally but now i am back deliberately. Like i said, staying at home to do all the waiting was more difficult than reading a pile of journals in the library. I can stay online all night and not feel drained the next day. But of course, thanx to Centrum. It backed me up all the way. There's just always something to do... school papers, seminars and of course.. the hangout scheds.

Did i make the right move?! I should have taken the entire test and not just A PART of it. So sometimes i am thinking whether i did the right thing. I had all the books i needed in the first place... even the latest community book which i had carried from cebu to my vacay destination. It was never even opened. So, had i not taken my vacay, i would have whole heartedly taken the entire test which was really my plan. But its over now- i have passed. I deviated from my own plans after successfully convincing my friends to take the entire test. There wasnt much time to review. I had 3 weeks utmost and my time was running fast. I felt i wasnt ready to be battered by another exam but there wasnt any choice. When i got back home, i wasnt even registered to take the board until it was almost deadline.. Finally, my decision became final. After selling the books that will make me take 1-5, i finally found my focus.

Library seemed to be the second home we got. I spend 4 hours utmost. The rest of my mates can hang in there for the entire day. Moreover, all the books were there; all the information we had were right before us. Except of course, we do not have reviewers who make nasty jokes and nonsensical remarks. All we got is peer... and PEER PRESSURE is a good thing... despite that we slip off to watch movies in the cinema at least once a week. But even the review questionares were brought in the cinema.. which is pathetic really. But it sure worked for us... at least we produced a 10th placer. Congratulations BSN-A LibTeam and to all my batchmates..