Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Know You Are a Nurse...

Did you hear about the nurse who died and went straight to hell??
It took her two weeks to realize she wasn't at work!

You know you're a nurse if.....

• You believe that every patient needs tlc, diazepam,temazepam and haloperidol.

• You would like to meet the inventor of the Nurse call buzzer some night in a dark alley.

• You believe not all patients are annoying, some are unconscious.

• Your sense of humour gets more warped each year.

• You can only tell time by the 24 hr clock.

• Almost everything can seem humorous....eventually.

• When asked what colour that patients diarrheic was, you show them your

• You know the smell of different diarrhoea to identify it.

• Every time you walk you make a jingling noise because of all the
Scissors and clamps in your pocket.

• You can tell the pharmacist more about the medication they are dispensing than they know.

• You carry more "spare" meds in your pocket rather than waiting for pharmacy to deliver them.

• You refuse to watch ER because it is too much like the real thing and it triggers flashbacks.

• You check the caller id on your day off to see if anyone from the hospital is trying to call and ask you to work.

• You've been telling stories in a restaurant and made someone at another table throw up.

• notice that you are using more 4 letter words than you did before you started nursing.

• Everytime someone asks you for a pen you can find at least 4 of them on you.

• You can intubate your friends at parties.

• You don't get excited about blood unless it's your own.

• You live by the motto "to be right is only half the battle, to convince the doctor is more difficult"

• You've basted your thanksgiving turkey with a nasogastric syringe.

• You've told a confused patient that your name was that of your co-worker and to holler if they need help.

• Eating microwave popcorn out of a clean bedpan is perfectly normal.

• Your bladder can expand to the size of a Mack Truck's Radiator Sump.

• When checking the level of a patient’s orientation you aren't sure of the answer.

• You find yourself checking out other customers veins in grocery waiting lines.

• You can sleep soundly at the hospital cafeteria table on your dinner break and not be embarrassed when you wake up.

• You avoid unhealthy looking shoppers in the mall for fear that they will drop near you and you'll have to do cpr on your day off.

• You have ever referred to someone's death as a transfer to the "Eternal Care Unit".

• You have ever wanted to hold a seminar entitled "Suicide ... Doing It Right".

• You have ever had a patient look you straight in the eye and say "I have no idea how that got stuck in there".

• You have ever had to leave a patient's room before you begin to laugh uncontrollably.

• You throw a party for a co-worker and use a urinal (clean of course) as a lemon-aid pitcher and use a bed sheet for a tablecloth

• You believe that the government should require a permit to reproduce.

• You hate to get dressed in "real clothes" because scrubs are what you live in and why can't they make jeans that comfortable.
• You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience.
• Your most common assessment question is "what changed tonight to make it an emergency after 6 hours / days / weeks / months / years)?".

• You often stay awake for 24+ hrs at a time when you work nights realize you don't need alcohol or drugs to hallucinate just lack of

• You pull over in some parking lot after working nights because you are too tired to drive home and wake up to someone knocking on your window thinking you have had a stroke because you are passed out in your car and drooling.

• Your finger has gone places you never thought possible.

• You have seen more penises than any prostitute
• You disbelieve 90% of what you are told and 75% of what you see.
• You've sworn to have "Not For Resuss" tattooed on your chest.
• You threaten to strangle anyone who even starts to say the "q" word when it is even remotely calm.

Its just to help you understand our mindset and questionable mental status/sanity.
Most of the time we function in spite of this sick sense of humour, fairly normally and very responsibly.

Believe me, this is how we think, ALL THE TIME, Scary huh??

It must be added to the list that you hate flying just incase the air stewards announce "if there is a Doctor or Nurse on board... please make yourself known to the cabin crew" At which point you cringe and hide!

Essay: On the Meaning of Ateneo Education

Some even say that our students are not really given the chance to open to these realities with our token gestures of solidarity with the “mga poor ”like immersions or work trials. Perhaps, in the end, the Ateneo is the Ateneo: a separate world from the world of the margins. But what most people don’t understand about the Ateneo, including its own faculty sometimes, is that the Ateneo is not just about the majors or the specific programs. It is about a spirit that pervades among its best people.

___________________________________READ ON_____________________________

To my fellow parents:

by Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

When my daughter had the chance to finish high school in New York, we agonized about it: I more than her. Her agony centered around the need to moderate her desire to embark on this adventure because she knew it would break my heart. My agony had two thorns. Firstly, I didn’t want her to go because in all our lives, we had never spent more than 2 days apart from each other. Secondly, there was the irony of her studying in the United States. As a nationalist academic and development worker, I always believed that one’s spirit had to be formed with one’s people—among their myths and their sufferings—in order to understand who one is, what one’s responsibilities are and to whom one’s heart belongs. I know to the sophisticated global citizen I would sound archaic and provincial, but I still believe that before our spirit can embrace the world it must be rooted in a home we love. But I knew that the idea of giving up this opportunity was breaking her up inside because, as she said, she might spend the rest of her life wondering what if, so I let her go. She left with the promise that she would come back for college because I still believe that the university years are formative. But we all know how those promises go. Two years in the glitter of a new world could weaken the bindings of promises made in times of great emotions. It has been a year and we are now completely at peace with her decision to leave.

All that I have said is a prelude to why I am writing this piece. I am writing this to explain why I believe her formation in the Ateneo would still be the best for my daughter. I want to clarify to everyone else who raise their eyebrows at me, what I mean when I say that I believe an education here is superior to any ivy league education. Many of my colleagues who know that my daughter has a chance to study in an American university cannot understand why I would prefer that she study here. One of them even exclaimed: “You would prefer that she study here even if she had a chance to study in Harvard!” with a you-are-so ridiculous tone. And to me the answer was “Yes, of course, you’re so ridiculous.” And the reason is simply this: she may get a superior technical education in some top ranking university abroad but only in the Philippines will she have a superior education in being a Filipino for Filipinos.

My daughter wants to be a writer and recently she has had a chance to attend a prestigious workshop in an American university best known as a center for writing. And I was witness to how because of that opportunity, her writing skills have advanced light years from when she left. I have no doubt that if she studied creative writing in one of the US universities known for it, her skills would be strengthened even more. But what would she write about? A great writer is as much about her skill as it is about her great insight. If you have the skill but not the immersion in the profound
realities that have formed your soul, what is there to write about? And who would she write for? A truly great writer is one whose passion is fueled by the need to speak for her people, especially the mute. And to even begin to want to speak for them, you have to be grounded in their misery. One’s people are never generic: they take concrete form in the faces that resonate in your heart. I think an education in her own country would prepare her to face the faces that resonate in her heart and perhaps an Ateneo education could awaken the passion to respond to those faces.

I know that many complain that Ateneans lead a very sheltered life in this campus. In an infinite number of ways that is ridiculously true. In the end, the Ateneo is the Ateneo: a separate world from the world of the margins. But what most people don’t understand about the Ateneo, is that the Ateneo is not just about the majors or the specific programs. It is about a spirit that pervades among its best people.

When I was young, I was ready to quit the Church because I was convinced that there were no intelligent and just Catholics. And then I came to the Ateneo where I met Catholics who strove to serve the margins because of their love of God. And because they loved God’s people, they strove for excellence. That realization astounded me and kept me in the Church and in Ateneo. If anything, Filipino Jesuit education just means to teach people that the love of God means nothing but to love the people who suffer forgotten in the margins, and that we strive for excellence in what we do to serve them best: otherwise excellence and the love of God is empty. What else does faith mean? What else grounds excellence? What else measures the good of a life but that? And if you take Ateneo education seriously enough, and if you are open to its opportunities enough, it will lead you to that realization and it will lead you to your first opening to the faces that you will have to serve. At its core, Ateneo education is an apprenticeship in the work of being a Filipino for others. This is only a slogan so long as one misses out on the living examples of alumni, scholars, administrators, maintenance and staff who show us the way to realizing the truth of an Ateneo education. Open your eyes to those who serve radically and they will radically educate your heart. And if one is open enough one can see that such people dwell in this school because there is a spirit in this school that cradles them and supports their vocation. It is intangible, but it is a spirit that guides the best of us.

Some people feel that we are an elite school that cultivates an elite rationality. Radioactive Sago’s brilliant third album is entitled “… Ang Daming Nagugutom Sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin.” In one gig, Lord de Vera was plugging their album and he said “Bilhin ninyo ang aming album ‘… Ang Daming Nagugutom Sa Mundo Atenista Ka Pa Rin.’” I could understand his sentiments exactly. Just listen to conversations in the pocket garden where people complain about the heat, their slow laptops and their old school phones and anyone who knows anything about the hardships in our country will easily agree with Lord. But then, if you think about it, although some of our graduates are oblivious to the suffering around them and even if some of them do reinforce structures that exploit the suffering, there is that core of Ateneans touched by the spirit of this school who choose to genuinely build communities founded on justice, to found enterprises that serve true needs, to lawyer for the oppressed, and to doctor for the poor. Many innovations of justice building in our country arise because of their apprenticeships in the magis of our service. We just don’t hear about these things because they don’t find their way into our tarpaulins. But the spirit is there and it is the spirit that defines us more than basketball championships or the number of CEOs we produce. Somehow, because of our formation, Ateneans still tend to be idealistic about service. And so I say “Dahil ang daming nagugutom sa mundo kailangan mong seryosohin ang pagka- Atenista.” This is why, my dear fellow parents, I think an Ateneo education is more valuable for my daughter than a Cornell or Harvard or Princeton education: because here, we learn to be excellent for something important—our people and our Filipino humanity.

Dr. Rodriguez is currently an Assistant Professor of the Philosophy Department of the Loyola Schools.
His daughter, Leal, is a freshman in the Ateneo majoring in AB Humanities.
Edited version of “To my colleagues: On the meaning of an Ateneo education” by Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Chalk Marks. The Guidon. Volume LXXV. Number 6.

Sunday, August 03, 2008



In the year 2008, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the United States, and said:
Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.

Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans.

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying: You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard - but no Ark.

Noah! He roared, I'm about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?
Forgive me, Lord, begged Noah, 'but things have changed.

I needed a building permit.

I've been arguing with the inspector about the need for a sprinkler system.

My neighbors claim that I've violated the neighborhood zoning laws by building the Ark in my yard and exceeding the height limitations.
We had to go to the Development Appeal Board for a decision.

Then the Department of Transportation demanded a bond be posted for the future costs of moving power lines
and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark's move to the sea.
I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear nothing of it.

Getting the wood was another problem. There's a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the spotted owl.

I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to save the owls - but no go!
When I started gathering the animals, an animal rights group sued me.
They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will.
They argued the accommodations were too restrictive, and it was cruel and inhumane
to put so many animals in a confined space.

Then the EPA ruled that I couldn't build the Ark until they'd conducted an environmental impact study on your proposed flood.
I'm still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I'm supposed to hire for my building crew.

Immigration and Naturalization are checking the green-card status of most of the people who want to work.

The trades unions say I can't use my sons. They insist I have to hire only Union workers with Ark-building experience.

To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I'm trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.

So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this Ark.

Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a rainbow stretched across the sky.

Noah looked up in wonder and asked,
'You mean you're not going to destroy the world?'
'No,' said the Lord.
'The government beat me to it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nurse Licensure Exam 2008 Passers! Congratulations!!!

To all my friends, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Im attaching the file! :-]

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sulpicio Lines History and Mystery

Welcome to my paraAbnormal Thoughts. After watching news for the last week, i cant figure whom to blame in the surge of the capsized ship story. As it hit the toplist in the headline news chart this week, it put aside the Drilon Adventures in Jolo and the real depths of the Iloilo Underwater World.


Here goes ...Well, nature has its way and disasters can happen anytime and anywhere with or without warning. It is indispensable from the natural evolution of the earth or so i think it is! Tracing back the history of Sulpicio... this is what i found out :

Sulpicio Shipping holds the world record for the WORST MARITIME DISASTER! The MV Doña Paz collided with an oil tanker MT Vector off Mindoro in 1987 that is regarded as the "world’s worst peacetime sea tragedy" with about 4500 people dead; dwarfing off the 1500 deaths of the Titanic. Then in 1988 the MV Marilyn that claimed at least 250 lives sank while the vessel set sail from Leyte for Manila under storm Signal No. 3. Ten years after, in 1998 the Princess of the Orient at the mouth of Manila Bay sank at the height of Typhoon Gading. And this year, after another ten years lapse from the last disaster, several dead bodies were found from the capsized MV Princess of the Star. It submerged near Sibuyan Island after sailing in rough waters during the typhoon Frank last Saturday with about 700 passengers on board.

1987 1988 1998 2008. It figures. Geeked

Anybody who can break this curse?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ms Universe Philippines Mispelled at the Prepageant Show

Jennifer Barrientos represents the Philippines in the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant. Dazzling in her black outfit but the sash is awful! Whoever did that should better know how to spell!

Just don't let me know some Pinoy did it coz thats a heavy slap!

check out the photo gallery

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Gen Y Nurse

The newest generation to enter our workforce, and the largest since the Boomers, is Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000 — also known as the Millennials, Generation Next, MyPod generation, GenY, Digital Natives, Echoboomers, and the Boomerang Generation (Kogan, 2001).

This generation is globally aware, well educated, wired, and technologically sophisticated. Nexters have positive expectations and a desire for collective action (Zemke, Raines, & Filipczak, 2000). Life experience of the Nexters has created a generation that possesses traits such as a lack of trust in corporations, a focus on personal success, and a short-term career perspective. Nexters have a desire to improve everyday life by volunteering and giving back.

This generation has a great ability to multitask and maintain several dialogues, which makes them versatile communicators. While this generation communicates through technology, they remain quite savvy in verbal communication skills (Melik, 2007).

Nexters have been exposed to technology from birth, using technology since their years as a toddler. Nexters access information 24/7; therefore, they expect to work anytime and anyplace. Using the Web for information and social networking is part of the Nexter's core competencies. Web-based social networking and accessing information on such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace are normal practices.

YouTube already has a few videos created by young members of the nursing profession. Each video exhibits out-of-the-box thinking, with the intent to recruit people into the nursing profession. One video done by students at Decker School of Nursing is titled "Bring Nursing Back" (2006). This video has had 140,000 views through November 2007. The other, created by emergency center nurses from the University of Alabama, recruits candidates through a hip approach ("UAB Emergency Room Rap," 2007). This video has been posted not only to YouTube, but has also appeared on Yahoo video.

Parents of this generation have been highly invested and involved with their growth. Some critics call this generation coddled. They may require more mentoring up front, but have shown an ability to make dramatic and constructive changes to the workforce in the short time they have been a part of it. According to Claudia Tattanelli, CEO, Universum Communications, this generation gets a bad rap but has an "incredible will to make changes" ("The bottom line on next gen workers," 2007).

As a whole, younger workers can take great work risks; therefore, they are more mobile and able to pursue better jobs anywhere. The workplace will need to adapt to the attitudes and needs of this generation (Rasmus, 2007).

Each generation comes to the workforce table with different life experiences. Each communicates and perceives verbal and nonverbal messaging differently. While this does create complex work environments, it also presents a wonderful opportunity to put these diverse approaches to initiate new innovative practices.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

on Body Image...

Some people feel they are too fat, others lament being too thin. You may obsess about the size of your nose, while your best friend may wish her feet were smaller....

Here's a fact:

Even the most successful and seemingly confident people privately fret about at least one of their physical attributes, including the women who model for magazine ads.

Life is good.. so smile :-) haha..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your Humor Style

In today's personality stakes, nothing is more highly valued than a sense of humor. We seek it out in others and are proud to claim it in ourselves, perhaps even more than good looks or intelligence. If someone has a great sense of humor, we reason, it means that they are happy, socially confident and have a healthy perspective on life.

This attitude would have surprised the ancient Greeks, who believed humor to be essentially aggressive. And in fact, our admiration for the comedically gifted is relatively new, and not very well-founded, says Rod Martin, a psychologist at the University of Western Ontario who studies the way people use humor. Being funny isn't necessarily an indicator of good social skills and well-being, his research has shown—it may just as likely be a sign of personality flaws.

He has found that humor is a double-edged sword. It can forge better relationships and help you cope with life, or it can be corrosive, eating away at self-esteem and antagonizing others. "It's a form of communication, like speech, and we all use it differently," says Martin. We use bonding humor to enhance our social connections—but we also may wield it as a way of excluding or rejecting an outsider. Likewise, put-down humor can at times be an adaptive, healthy response: Employees suffering under a vindictive boss will often make the office more bearable by secretly ridiculing their tyrant.

Though humor is essentially social, how you use it says a lot about your sense of self. Those who use self-defeating humor, making fun of themselves for the enjoyment of others, tend to maintain that hostility toward themselves even when alone. Similarly, those who are able to view the world with amused tolerance are often equally forgiving of their own shortcomings.

Put-Down Humor

This aggressive type of humor is used to criticize and manipulate others through teasing, sarcasm and ridicule. When it's aimed against politicians by the likes of Ann Coulter, it's hilarious and mostly harmless. But in the real world, it has a sharper impact. Put-down humor, such as telling friends an embarrassing story about another friend, is a socially acceptable way to deploy aggression and make others look bad so you look good.

When challenged on their teasing, the put-down joker often turns to the "just kidding" defense, allowing the aggressor to avoid responsibility even as the barb bites. Martin has found no evidence that those who rely on this type of humor are any less well-adjusted. But it does take a toll on personal relationships.

Bonding Humor

People who use bonding humor are fun to have around; they say amusing things, tell jokes, engage in witty banter and generally lighten the mood. These are the people who give humor a good name. They're perceived as warm, down-to-earth and kind, good at reducing the tension in uncomfortable situations and able to laugh at their own faults.

Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres embraces her audience by sharing good-natured, relatable humor. Her basic message: We're alike, we find the same things funny and we're all in this together.

Nonetheless, bonding humor can have a dark side. After all, a feeling of inclusion can be made sweeter by knowing that someone else is on the outs. J.F.K. and his brothers would often invite a hated acquaintance to vacation with them; they'd be polite to his face, but behind his back, the brothers would unite in deriding the hapless guest.

Hate-Me Humor

In this style of humor, you are the butt of the joke for the amusement of others. Often deployed by people eager to ingratiate themselves, it's the familiar clown or "fat guy" playfulness that we loved in John Belushi and Chris Farley—both of whom suffered for their success. A small dose of it is charming, but a little goes a long way: Routinely offering yourself up to be humiliated erodes your self-respect, fostering depression and anxiety. It also can backfire by making other people feel uncomfortable, finds Nicholas Kuiper of the University of Western Ontario. He proposes that it may remind others of their own tendency toward self-criticism.

Farley, who died at age 33 from an overdose, had a streak of self-loathing. "Chris chose the immediate pleasure he got in pleasing others over the long-term cost to himself," his brother wrote after his death. The bottom line: Excelling at this style of humor may lead to party invitations but can ultimately exact a high price.

Laughing At Life

When we admire someone who "doesn't take himself too seriously," this is the temperament we're talking about. More than just a way of relating to other people, it's a prism that colors the world in rosier shades. Someone with this outlook deploys humor to cope with challenges, taking a step back and laughing at the absurdities of everyday life. The Onion is a repository of this benign good humor. The columnist Dave Barry has perfected it with quips like this: "Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting."

Studies that link a sense of humor to good health are probably measuring this phenomenon; when you have a wry perspective, it's hard to remain anxious or hostile for long. Martin calls it "self-enhancing humor," because you don't need other people to entertain you—if something peculiar or annoying happens, you're perfectly capable of laughing at it on your own.

Psychology Today Magazine, Jul/Aug 2006
Last Reviewed 28 Sep 2006
Article ID: 4095

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to


A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;

A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war,

and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boyfriend list of DOs

Every girl dreams that one day she
will find a boy that does these things
for her. Even the smallest action can
have the BIGGEST impact on someone's

• give her one of your t-shirts to
sleep in.

• leave her cute text notes.

• kiss her in front of your friends.

• tell her she is gorgeous.

• look into her eyes when you talk to

• let her mess with your hair.

• touch her hair.

• just walk around with her.


• look at her like she`s the only one
you see.

• tickle her even when she says stop.

• hold her hand when you`re around your

• when she starts swearing at you, tell
her you love her.

• let her fall asleep in your arms.

• get her mad, then kiss her.

• tease her and let her tease you back.

• stay up all night with her when she`s

• watch her favorite movie with her.

• kiss her forehead.

• give her the world.

• write her letters.

• let her wear your clothes.

• when she`s sad, hang out with her.

• let her know she`s important.

• let her take all the photos she wants
of you.

• kiss her in the pouring rain.

• when you fall in love with her, tell

• and when you tell her, love her like
you've never loved someone before.

9th Post Graduate Course: Pedia Redefined

The Pediatrics Department of Zamboanga City Medical Center as spearheaded by Dr. Fortunato Cristobal and Dr. Bernadette Chua-Macrohon, held its 9th Post Graduate Course with the theme "Pediatric Nurse: Redefined" from February 8-9, 2007 at the Garden Orchid Hotel. About two hundred forty nursing participants from the academes and from the hospitals all over Zamboanga City registered for the event.

The seminar covered several topics including Nurses Redefined, Spirituality in Medicine, Health Consumer Management (ER Setting), Complementary Feeding in Infants, Legal Rights of Nurses, Role of Nurses in ER, Caring of the Family, Handling Doctors, 6th Vital Sign, Good Grooming and the Filipino Nurse Practitioner. Among the speakers were Milabel E. Ho, RN, MAN, Ed.D., Fortunato Cristobal, MD, FPPS, Nadah Ahmad-Abutazil, MD,DPBP, Grace Uy, MD, Atty. Giovanni Luistro, Bernadette Chua-Macrohon, MD, FPPS, Crispin Dalisay, MD FPPS, Cesar Jeffrey Masilungan, MD, FPPS and Ms Brenda Pajaron (Fuller Life Representative).

On the second day of the event, there was an open forum on the problems of nursing practice as hosted by Honorable Congressman Erbie Fabian. Among the panelists that were challenged from different angles were Lorna Paber, RN, MAN (Dean College of Nursing in ADZU), Pilardo Ledesma RN, MAN (former Dean College of Nursing WMSU), Agnes Fernandez, RN (DOH Representative), Lourdes Alvarez, RN (ZCMC Head Nurse) and Rudyard Abarquez, RN. Important issues such as the Magna Carta for Health Workers, Ethical Issues, Exodus of Nurses, Standard Education and Nursing in the Global Market were tackled down.

The two day seminar provided an in depth discussion of the nursing issues. Each event in the seminar was projected in two big screens that were erected at both sides of the room. In addition, the lectures were distributed to the participants in a cd-rom format.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


The youth of the 70s and 80s have suffered so much compared to the youth of today. They have experienced so much oppression that they needed to find their way out to breath fresh air.. But despite their fight for a good cause, the country is still struggling today, because of all the social injustices that still exist. The phil was a *shinning star 40 years ago, but its brilliance faded and it turned into a "falling star.

In this generation, some has decided to become the "Bonifacio" kind of hero, the katipunero who would dare shed blood. In other words, there are protesters of this age who would rally down the streets, rebel against the government or plan coup attempts.

On the other hand, there is also the "Rizal" kind of hero who believes that the pen is mightier than the sword.He believes that with education he can make a difference. He is the kind of person with compassion and intelligence.

There are so many ways that the "kabataan" of this age are expressing their views. There are some who would engage in written arguments, debate, rallies etc...

Pls baby boomers, dont compare your thought to the gen-x and gen-y ;) hehe...
You see the means of communication was limited compared today. We all have radios, television, cellphones, email adds, friendster/myspace accounts that makes our world flat. It is easy for us to reach out to everyone not just in the phil but around the globe to bring our message...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Currently Updating My Multiply Account

Its almost two years now since i had my multiply account but it had been neglected for some time. So now, i decided to update this account.. However the photo upload is soooo slow.. . its eating a whole lot of my time and often times, it fails to upload a large number of photos.. But anyhow, patience is a virtue.. hehe

Expect updates from me.. hehehe.. :-p Enjoy my life right here in my blog ;-)

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Innevitable Fact of Life: Everyone Will Get Older Soon...

I was in class that day, but all i did was answer calls and reply to sms. My phone memory was jam packed with greetings. Next, I had to recharge my cellphone twice. I couldnt even concentrate in class... lol.

My college classmates came that night and some close friends and relatives too. We had dinner, a few sweets and colds and some drinx. It was sort of a reunion for my class. In a few months time some of them would be miles and miles away. Only time can tell. We are not getting younger... awww... (look who is talking) lol. But its just age, im always young at heart.

To my NOD friends, really it would have been fun seeing you guys.. hahaha..

To those who greeted me, thank you so much that was sweet. You add color to my life.

I hope this year of the rat will bring forth prosperity ;-)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On High

Like flipping open the pages of a new magazine. He came at the most unexpected turn of my life. So the first page begins with colorful pictures that paints a smile across my face. I was amazed at how things were turning out. But surprisingly, i found an attachment every day that i can't help. Every day, i spent overnights trying to decipher the vague message that every page brings. I have once said, i would never get involved in such facade but my defenses failed me. And so i found a new quest that is really not me. I have called it my addiction. The hardest part is the withdrawal syndrome. But like every magazine, it has a last page. And every story has an ending. ;-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Year End

2007 was wild crazy and unpredictable. I always loose track of time.
But, good bye 2007 and the back lags that goes with it.

To those whom i just met this year, am glad i met you guys! Your existence somehow changed my life. Thanks.

To those whose friendship never fades, our friendship will be a stuff of legend engraved in my heart forever. I miss you guys.

To those whom i have hurt in whatever ways. I am SORRY. peace na tayo!

To those who used to be my friend but for some reasons just cant stay. You made a difference in my life in ways you didnt know. Thanks for being part of my life.

Hellow 2008... I'm READY!...