Sunday, November 26, 2006

PACMAN the modern Pinoy hero?!

He is known to many as Pacman, grew up in General Santos City and has known boxing as early as age 12. His lack of formal education did not hinder him from becoming a champion. He blew the face of "El Terible" in a knockout before the third round ended and made him world-class champ!

The question remains, "Is Manny Pacquiao the modern day hero of the Filipino peole?!"

This has become a controversial issue especially after Manila's mayor Atienza has opted to erect a statue at Baywalk in honor of the boxing icon who has defeated the hall of famer- El Terible. Some speculates that politicians are riding over his popularity and are trying to convince him to get into politics.

He has the most number of commercials on Philippine television. And he endorses one the biggest companies- Nike, McDonalds, etc... The Philippine crime rates has declined during the fight. Everybody with television sets waited for the turn of events. Even Pinoys abroad were excited to see the fight of the year and over 10,000 tickets were sold out.

He is one of the best fighters of his time. He's got the endurance, speed, skills, intelligence, self-discipline and professionalism. Not to forget, he is also a singing boxer. Who in the Philippines didnt
hear "para sayo ang laban na 'to?" Its been playing almost every hour in radios and tv commercials. When you turn on the TV, expect that every 10 minutes, Manny's face will pop out. All the news stories were nothing but his homecoming and most commercials are all his. In other words, this celebrity is the hottest person in the Philippines today. But how long can he keep his aura? Will he still be the same Pacman if he decides to join in polics?Will he maintain his title?! And the most important question, does he deserve the title "Philippine Hero" ?