Saturday, May 26, 2007

spring to style

Fashion Up this Summer

Mix and match retro styles or metallic colors

and dont be afraid to stand out.

Wear your bumble bee sunglasses or

that big hat or that polkadot hairband.

Own a pair of Chux and a pair of slippers.

But keep those Wedged Footwears nearby.

Either have a humongous earings or

a big beaded necklace dangling on your neck.

Groovy Baby! Party when its HOT!

Keeping It Light

I have a tip for all of you. hehe..

The best way to keep your profile views

and friends list to a minimum

is to put youtube videos, slide shows

and imeem music clips on your page.

Majority of your friend-sters or my-spacers

wouldnt wait around till your

page download files complete

before they will message you or add you to their list.

If you wish to race up your friends-list to

hundreds and hundreds,

keep your page light.