Saturday, November 03, 2007

its a badddd sign

i have been procrastinating for the last month and that is a very verrrrrrrrry bad sign!

I spent too much time on the net and i accomplish very little during the day. My Research paper that took me a whole semester to accomplish couldnt even be done on time... and that sux big time! Man, Im an adict. But now i want to grab my life back! Wahh!.... Maybe next week i can plan for my career. Take the next leap. PASS my exams and move on.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Excruciating Pleasure

Geez that test 3 was brain hemorrhaging...
others said it was test 5

Denial: shet! this cant be difficult!
arrgh! OR!
google search

We hit mcdo right after the last test and debated on all the possible answers. At least i know i can defend myself from the debilitating arguments for more than an hour. Although, Im still not sure about the diet issue of T and A. Nevertheless, there is the internet - my ever loyal source of information and updates. So i googled the answer to every question i can remember. A little satisfied with what i got yet i still wanted to get involve in an argument. Therese was silent... and Marti was irate. There wasnt anything to do but wait for the final answer.

The Waiting... the most dreaded part of my life. I hate waiting. Id rather come in late than wait. But now i have no choice. I have to wait. It doesnt make sense at all to me but im not in my right mind to make sense at all. Everyone had to wait for the result. And i found out that staying at home was a difficult task. But thanx to my comrades for the afternoon jogs, the sunset viewing, the badminton evenings and the night outs... it made my 2nd vacation colorful.

Back to school. I missed it unintentionally but now i am back deliberately. Like i said, staying at home to do all the waiting was more difficult than reading a pile of journals in the library. I can stay online all night and not feel drained the next day. But of course, thanx to Centrum. It backed me up all the way. There's just always something to do... school papers, seminars and of course.. the hangout scheds.

Did i make the right move?! I should have taken the entire test and not just A PART of it. So sometimes i am thinking whether i did the right thing. I had all the books i needed in the first place... even the latest community book which i had carried from cebu to my vacay destination. It was never even opened. So, had i not taken my vacay, i would have whole heartedly taken the entire test which was really my plan. But its over now- i have passed. I deviated from my own plans after successfully convincing my friends to take the entire test. There wasnt much time to review. I had 3 weeks utmost and my time was running fast. I felt i wasnt ready to be battered by another exam but there wasnt any choice. When i got back home, i wasnt even registered to take the board until it was almost deadline.. Finally, my decision became final. After selling the books that will make me take 1-5, i finally found my focus.

Library seemed to be the second home we got. I spend 4 hours utmost. The rest of my mates can hang in there for the entire day. Moreover, all the books were there; all the information we had were right before us. Except of course, we do not have reviewers who make nasty jokes and nonsensical remarks. All we got is peer... and PEER PRESSURE is a good thing... despite that we slip off to watch movies in the cinema at least once a week. But even the review questionares were brought in the cinema.. which is pathetic really. But it sure worked for us... at least we produced a 10th placer. Congratulations BSN-A LibTeam and to all my batchmates..

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I was with friends at a local McDonalds outlet eating and chatting for more than an hour. When my friend John stood up and went to the restroom.... He came back and said he couldn't find the room. Then Ellery went to venture for the restroom himself. He did his thing (hahaha) and came back. John again stood up and went to seek the rest room himselfRest_1.
We continued chatting around our square table with empty french fries
boxes. On the other hand, Mark was as usual, the nutty person that he is- making fun of our loloh Ivan. And the two were retrogressing...

When we were about to leave, i excused myself, asked for the rest room directions from the guys and went to find it myself. I saw the restroom label and i knew it was the restroom area. The restroom area was unisex. There was no doorknob so i pushed the door forward. The sight behind the door opened up to the customers eating behind where i stood and they all started laughing. The man stood behind the unrinals and.... u knw... he he... He looked back surprised and saw the people staring at him laughing... Seeing him embarassed, I rushed back to my seat with my friends and tried to contain my laughter... I told them what happened.. and laughter burst out again.

Lesson of the Day: Do not forget to Lock the DOoR!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Summer 2007: Get Away part1

From smooth flight down to long bumpy rides, I had a good time. The weather wAir_2as as usual unpredictable. Rain pours in from time to time despite that it is summer. But still, the sceneries were captivating and sitting back at home for a day would be a crime. I was hoping i can finish up one volume of Medsurg Brunner book for my entire trip but i only managed to flip a few pages and couldn't even remember what it was all about. So after my vacay, i felt a little guilty.

I left my friends behind but i met really good people during my trip. I was with my family- Plwn_021 mom, dad, sister and except for my brother who was left back home for summer classes. Our new friends would invite us over for dinner or for little excursions around town. It was a small town actually and impossible for you to get lost for as long as you kno w how to read and you know where you live. We stayed near the beach in Puerto and it was really cold at night and warm in the mornings. But the people are always warm and welcoming. They have been accostomed to bakasyonistas from Filipinos alike to foreigners.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Steep Alley

Forrest Gump would say, "life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll get."

The laughters and smiles we shared were once so real yet so superficial.

I was not blind. I was just narrowed focus but i was Loyal. I dont regret the good times we shared. It's all part of my memory now.

In the first place it wasnt my typical kind of relationship.I knew from the start that it wont last or maybe i already had that odd feeling. I accept that some things just dont turn out the way it should be or let me say, some things are not meant to be.

The feeling was right but the situation was not.

Stucked up in a mutual inpatience. The gap in between was never filled. And no one took the first step. Blameeee or blame-u.. doesnt matter now.

If you thought that i would never change then you're wrong. Only fools dont change. So I tell you, if you cant accept me at my worst then you dont deserve me at my best.

Not everyone would understand and i wont start explaining myself to people around me who keeps on asking how its been.

I got uneasy when people started talking nasty stuff about me behind my back which is nowhere near the truth. But whats more hurtful is to know that the people who i trust and consider my friends are the ones hitting me at the back. But that is in the past now. I was told, that if im not worth anything then people wont bother to talk about me. I even thank those people for making my life colorful and fruitful.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

spring to style

Fashion Up this Summer

Mix and match retro styles or metallic colors

and dont be afraid to stand out.

Wear your bumble bee sunglasses or

that big hat or that polkadot hairband.

Own a pair of Chux and a pair of slippers.

But keep those Wedged Footwears nearby.

Either have a humongous earings or

a big beaded necklace dangling on your neck.

Groovy Baby! Party when its HOT!

Keeping It Light

I have a tip for all of you. hehe..

The best way to keep your profile views

and friends list to a minimum

is to put youtube videos, slide shows

and imeem music clips on your page.

Majority of your friend-sters or my-spacers

wouldnt wait around till your

page download files complete

before they will message you or add you to their list.

If you wish to race up your friends-list to

hundreds and hundreds,

keep your page light.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On the Fence

i stare blankly in space, undecided on what to do next.

i know i have a lot to accomplish but i cant figure out what to do first.

when i look at my right side, i see the sharpened pencil waiting to be used and the volume of papers on my desk that needs to be read.

I see the piles of cd which i promised to watch but never even attempted to play on tv.

I sat on my computer trying to innovate and make my brains useful but all i read is trash and i cant even decipher what all the cybercodes mean on the web pages.

I end up writing, oh i mean typing. And i cant even get the right words that i want to say.

I listen to music. The hard rock just freaks my brain out.

Instrumental music is what im playing now.

I couldn't think better. What i need is.... sweets- yes chocolates, my medication for life.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

Some people will complain because roses have thorns, while others will rejoice because thorns have roses...

In my lifetime, some people will like me while some will hate me. I can not please everybody. If i will, i am allowing myself to become frustrated from expectations (by others) and i wouldnt like it. I've got so much to live for and so much to enjoy.

To live life to the fullest one should have the right ATTITUDE. And it was reminded to me in one conference that i have attended to...

People with closed minds only see what they wish to see.
If its black then its black.... and always BLACK.... and there are no gray matters in their brain. They are dumb people who have a tiny brain but sensitive with their emotions.

Life is homeostasis. We sometimes go up and we sometimes go down. The little spice in our life could mean a lesson learned or a blessing in disguise. We thrive in balance but i live in a world where its fair to be unfair...
When you are fat, people will tell you to slim down. But when your slim, people will tell you to gain some weight. Some people will praise you while some people will talk negatively about you. But look at the bright side, if they don't talk about you, then you are nada. You don't exist at all.

We are in a kalei
doscope. There is a song to it actually.... "Every color, every hue, is represented by me and you...." I dont know if you've heard about it by Francis M. Anyway, if you cant love other people, at least try not to hurt them. And, whats is important is how you see yourself and not how others try to make you up for their own expectations. Do not live by other's standard, be the standard!