Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

Some people will complain because roses have thorns, while others will rejoice because thorns have roses...

In my lifetime, some people will like me while some will hate me. I can not please everybody. If i will, i am allowing myself to become frustrated from expectations (by others) and i wouldnt like it. I've got so much to live for and so much to enjoy.

To live life to the fullest one should have the right ATTITUDE. And it was reminded to me in one conference that i have attended to...

People with closed minds only see what they wish to see.
If its black then its black.... and always BLACK.... and there are no gray matters in their brain. They are dumb people who have a tiny brain but sensitive with their emotions.

Life is homeostasis. We sometimes go up and we sometimes go down. The little spice in our life could mean a lesson learned or a blessing in disguise. We thrive in balance but i live in a world where its fair to be unfair...
When you are fat, people will tell you to slim down. But when your slim, people will tell you to gain some weight. Some people will praise you while some people will talk negatively about you. But look at the bright side, if they don't talk about you, then you are nada. You don't exist at all.

We are in a kalei
doscope. There is a song to it actually.... "Every color, every hue, is represented by me and you...." I dont know if you've heard about it by Francis M. Anyway, if you cant love other people, at least try not to hurt them. And, whats is important is how you see yourself and not how others try to make you up for their own expectations. Do not live by other's standard, be the standard!