Thursday, August 02, 2007


I was with friends at a local McDonalds outlet eating and chatting for more than an hour. When my friend John stood up and went to the restroom.... He came back and said he couldn't find the room. Then Ellery went to venture for the restroom himself. He did his thing (hahaha) and came back. John again stood up and went to seek the rest room himselfRest_1.
We continued chatting around our square table with empty french fries
boxes. On the other hand, Mark was as usual, the nutty person that he is- making fun of our loloh Ivan. And the two were retrogressing...

When we were about to leave, i excused myself, asked for the rest room directions from the guys and went to find it myself. I saw the restroom label and i knew it was the restroom area. The restroom area was unisex. There was no doorknob so i pushed the door forward. The sight behind the door opened up to the customers eating behind where i stood and they all started laughing. The man stood behind the unrinals and.... u knw... he he... He looked back surprised and saw the people staring at him laughing... Seeing him embarassed, I rushed back to my seat with my friends and tried to contain my laughter... I told them what happened.. and laughter burst out again.

Lesson of the Day: Do not forget to Lock the DOoR!