Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sulpicio Lines History and Mystery

Welcome to my paraAbnormal Thoughts. After watching news for the last week, i cant figure whom to blame in the surge of the capsized ship story. As it hit the toplist in the headline news chart this week, it put aside the Drilon Adventures in Jolo and the real depths of the Iloilo Underwater World.


Here goes ...Well, nature has its way and disasters can happen anytime and anywhere with or without warning. It is indispensable from the natural evolution of the earth or so i think it is! Tracing back the history of Sulpicio... this is what i found out :

Sulpicio Shipping holds the world record for the WORST MARITIME DISASTER! The MV Doña Paz collided with an oil tanker MT Vector off Mindoro in 1987 that is regarded as the "world’s worst peacetime sea tragedy" with about 4500 people dead; dwarfing off the 1500 deaths of the Titanic. Then in 1988 the MV Marilyn that claimed at least 250 lives sank while the vessel set sail from Leyte for Manila under storm Signal No. 3. Ten years after, in 1998 the Princess of the Orient at the mouth of Manila Bay sank at the height of Typhoon Gading. And this year, after another ten years lapse from the last disaster, several dead bodies were found from the capsized MV Princess of the Star. It submerged near Sibuyan Island after sailing in rough waters during the typhoon Frank last Saturday with about 700 passengers on board.

1987 1988 1998 2008. It figures. Geeked

Anybody who can break this curse?!

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